There’s a sense of fulfillment in doing your fall time chores. This time of year when the weather is nice, tasks like cleaning gutters, raking and cutting up wood, feels less like physical work and more like a joy of the season. If you’d like to make your yard an inviting winter refuge for your backyard birds, leaving your yard somewhat messy is a good way of providing food and shelter for birds during the coming cold winter days.

  • Spare the seeds. The seed heads of cone-flowers, black-eyed Susan, and many other native flowers provide a nourishing food pantry for your backyard birds. The seeds are almost invisible, however, our winged friends eat them throughout the entire winter.
  • Leave the leaves lay. The leaves are beneficial since they decay and enrich the soil, and furthermore give spots for bugs and birds to search for food.¬†What’s more, giving the dead plants a chance to stick around can fill your property with protein-stuffed bird snacks. Leaving leaves lay creates habitat for a variety of critters such as¬†salamanders, snails, worms, and toads. A healthy layer of undisturbed soil and leaf litter means more moths, which in their caterpillar phase are a crucial food source for birds.
  • Assemble a pile of brush, twigs and branches. You can utilize fallen branches to assemble a brush pile that will shield birds and other small critters from lousy climate and predators. American Tree Sparrows, Black-Capped Chickadees, and other wintering birds will welcome the security from blustery weather. Rabbits, snakes, and many other natural wildlife will take cover there as well.
  • Avoid using Chemicals. Keep your yard healthy for bugs and birds to create a natural haven for years to come.

So, go ahead and relax a little and let you backyard birds enjoy your natural and safe backyard sanctuary!

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