Bird watching is a favorite pastime shared by many…no matter what time of year it is!

At you will find a large assortment of quality wild bird supplies at affordable prices with free domestic shipping on every item!

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned bird watching enthusiast, can supply everything you need to attract wonderful varieties of songbird’s right to your back yard.

Our bird feeders are top of the line. Choose from seed feeders, peanut and peanut butter feeders, recycled feeders, fruit feeders, suet and seed cake feeders, meal worm feeders, thistle feeders, window bird feeders and more…

If you’re looking to keep the squirrels away then be sure take a look at our assortment of our squirrel resistant feeders and baffles.

And, you don’t want to forget to check out our attractive hummingbird and oriole feeders!

Providing an adequate water supply is a key element in attracting birds and creating a healthy backyard environment so take the time to browse through our collection of bird baths and waterers.

And finally, do your backyard song birds need a home? Check out our selection of Bird Houses, Bird House Kits and nesting material.

The birds will see all you have to offer and make your back yard their home!

Thank you for visiting JacobsOutdoor and Happy Birding!

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